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Life Groups


At The Vineyard Life Church, we think it’s really important to not just get together as a whole church on Sundays but also to be part of a smaller group and share life together – and this is the purpose of Life Groups.

These groups allow for relationships to be closer and for building trusting friendships.  Most groups have a regular night when the members get together during the week in someone's house but they are all about life together.

Groups aim to get together at other times too, just like any family would whether that is going out for pizza or helping someone paint their new flat!   Most of the 'one anothers' in the Bible (like love one another, encourage one another, and so on) have their fullest meaning in that smaller family setting where it’s possible to really get to know people.

They are also a great opportunity to invite friends and others into whatever we are doing and experience life in Jesus, together.

Presently, we have Life Groups in Richmond, Twickenham, Ham and Hampton.